Perpetual thinking in action: our latest growth innovations

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2 Jul 2024

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Everything we do at STM AGENCY is powered by a concept we like to call perpetual thinking. This means that we never stand still – we’re always searching for the next idea or opportunity, because there’s always more to explore. It’s an approach that doesn’t just apply to our thinking, but the way we use technology too.

By embracing the latest tech breakthroughs, we’re able to harness the true brilliance of our people – and in turn, enhance our brand-boosting abilities . Read on to learn more about the innovations helping us boost brands in new and exciting ways.  

People, machine, people.  

We’re strong believers in leveraging the power of technology to amplify our strategies, ideas and results – but ultimately, it all comes back to our team. It’s why we’ve developed the people, machine, people ethos that helps us combine the best of human ingenuity alongside the power of AI. By partnering with dedicated tech providers, we gain access to tools and platforms that enable automation, analytics, personalisation and sophisticated targeting – which means we can move quicker, be bolder and execute our plans at scale. It’s all about using the tech to take things further, and the innovations we’re incorporating into our working practices are already propelling us further than ever before.  

Creative optimisation: the reassurance creative has cut-through 

Imagine if you could put your marketing assets in front of 100,000 pairs of audience eyes before anything goes live, just to see how it works?  It might sound too good to be true, but with the help of AI, we can.  

Specialists across our CREATE, REACH and CODE teams use this technology to test campaigns, content and UX, gaining instantaneous feedback to be implemented before anything goes live. The AI eyes interact with work to assess placement of imagery and headlines and emulate the UX experience, making sure it’s primed to start delivering as soon as it’s released into the world.  

This pre-optimization gives us and our clients the objective confidence our creative will have the impact and resonance it needs in this fast-paced marketing world, before any media or development budget is spent.   

 The Connections Blueprint: complete clarity through the campaign journey 

We know how long and complex the customer journey can be – especially when it needs to be communicated quickly, clearly and effectively to clients. That’s why we’ve developed a unique way to make it as simple as possible.  

Our Connections Blueprint is a centralised planning tool that maps every campaign touchpoint, message, ad format and creative asset against the customer’s overall journey to conversion. It illustrates exactly how the digital activity takes the consumer from one stage to the next, so all stakeholders and decision makers can see how every individual element plays its part.  

With this topline, all-channel view, everyone understands which communication objectives they’re working to achieve at which point. It’s all about effectively showcasing the methodologies that will produce the desired results.  

AI Live Reporting: daily performance updates to support agile decision making  

We’re living in a world of data-led decision making – so making sense of this data is key to helping brands grow. Every day a campaign runs, new information is generated that we can use to our advantage. But when gathering and analysing it takes so much time, how are we supposed to optimise effectively? That’s where AI comes in.  

By connecting client campaign data with an AI-powered platform, we can generate a daily summary report that keeps us abreast of every development. This means we (and our clients) understand exactly how it’s performing, and our people can focus on using this data to make better optimisation decisions.  

It’s a faster, smarter way to give campaign data instant meaning – allowing us to swiftly react and achieve greater ROI.  

Fast-moving digital content: optimising relevance by staying in the conversation  

While many of our growth innovations are about harnessing the power of AI, it’s also important for us to adapt our own approach in line with the platforms audiences are using. With this in mind, we’re capitalising on our agility to deliver high quality, strategic content that puts brands at the heart of the conversations happening online.  

Our team acts as a client’s brand guardian, reactively planning, shooting, editing, posting and optimising content in line with trends on any given platform. It could be an Instagram Reel or image, X post, or Tik Tok video incorporating trending animation or audio – any format that captures audience imaginations while the topic is hot.  

With this focus on getting content to market with pace, we optimise audience relevance for brands to show that they have their finger on the pulse.  

All these exciting innovations are already proving how we can adapt in line with technology to achieve more. As they develop, we’ll see how they’ll drive even greater growth for our clients. So if you’re as curious as we are, watch this space for all the latest updates – there’s so much more to come. 

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Perpetual thinking in action: our latest growth innovations

By embracing the latest tech breakthroughs, we’re able to harness the true brilliance of our people – and in turn, enhance our brand-boosting abilities. Read on to learn more about the innovations helping us boost brands in new and exciting ways.

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