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Aaron & Partners rebrand

After collaborating with solicitors Aaron & Partners on a company rebrand, we were tasked with creating a website that aligned with their new identity, too. The challenge was to design and develop a brand-new site that enabled a smooth user experience, reflected their new tone of voice, and, ultimately, inspired trust in their legal services.

Aaron & Partners


What did we do?

Lead with the user experience 

In order to create a website that specifically catered to Aaron & Partners’ customer base, we needed to understand their user journey. To achieve this, STM CODE conducted an in-depth UX workshop to gain valuable insights into the audience, their behaviours, and user flow. And, armed with this knowledge, the team used Umbraco to build and develop a website that met users’ preferences and needs. 

Embodied the brand identity

Following the rebrand, maintaining Aaron & Partners’ new image on the website was essential. Our STM CREATE team worked hard to bring the right look and feel to the site. From typography and colour schemes to imagery and layout, every aspect was thoughtfully designed to reinforce the brand personality.

Maximised online visibility

The team at STM REACH were tasked with boosting online visibility for the site and implemented a robust SEO strategy to optimise Google search rankings. They’re continuing work on this project with an SEO retainer which focuses on local performance around the branch locations in Chester, Shrewsbury, The Wirral, and Altrincham.



Boosted performance and customer trust

We’ve seen improved performance across the board since we launched the site. Our SEO strategy has been successful in attracting more customers to the site, and these customers have been met with a revamped, user-friendly platform that they can easily engage with and trust as a result. 

This enhanced customer experience is reflected in the numbers. As of February 2024, the new website had already exceeded the previous financial year’s conversion figures, so any business in the remaining quarter will contribute to achieving above and beyond the previous financial year. What’s more? The site has been integral in driving new enquiries and matters for Aaron & Partners, directly contributing to growing the business. 

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