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Promote the Machine Store… and more

The JCB team first approached us back in 2021 to support with their UK PPC activity. Shortly after, they launched the Machine Store: a new site designed to sell their machinery online. They needed to drive traffic and increase conversions among customers, so our partnership progressed to encompass digital marketing activity around the Machine Store and overall brand awareness in specific territories.

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Expertise on an ever-evolving strategy

We became their expert partner in digital marketing. Working collaboratively, we constantly explore a range of different channels to promote different machines and product launches and respond to ever-changing trends. Our activity includes:  

Always-on ads across PPC and PMAX: constant campaign activity for and the Machine Store, which target specific products and build overall brand awareness. Text-only PPC ads get right to the top of the listings when customers are in prime search mode, while PMAX ads combine text, imagery and video assets to extend reach and capture attention in different ways.   

Reactive campaigns for product launches and potholes:  short-term bursts of programmatic display activity in response to current events and trends. When a competitor launched new hydrogen engine at a German agricultural show, we ran a programmatic campaign to place JCB ads on relevant news outlets discussing the launch – highlighting how JCB are already present in this space. And in line with pothole week in the UK, we ran another programmatic campaign to target government audiences with JCB’s innovative Pothole Pro machine.   


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A strong online presence and a successful 3-year partnership… with more to come

Altogether, these campaigns add up to increased brand awareness of JCB and the Machine Store website across the UK, Europe and Australia. In 2023 alone, we saw results including: 


We’re celebrating 3 years in partnership with JCB


million impressions


Almost 480,000 site visits


Over 13,500 interactions: brochure downloads, live chats, stock checks and more

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416399_JCB_Case Study_Block Images_1420x1140px
416399_JCB_Case Study_Block Images_1420x1140px2
    We truly see the team at STM AGENCY as an extension to our team. We started our partnership working on paid search advertising in the UK, which has since expanded to managing multiple region's search advertising and we've then gone on to add search engine optimisation and content creation to the mix amongst others.
    Every new project or challenge is met with a positive can-do attitude and Helen and the team are always willing to support, whatever the request!

    - Heather Cronin, Digital Content Manager at JCB

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