The digital architects of STM CODE build online spaces designed to immerse audiences in a brand.

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Convert browsers to buyers

We combine invaluable insights with intuitive design to develop websites and apps that impact buying behaviour.

UX planning and design

The key to successful UX? Ask the user. Every build begins with in-depth audience research, performance reviews of existing sites and AI-driven testing to map out a seamless user journey.

We get growth with:

• User research
• Website performance reviews
• Planning and prototyping

UI design

Drawing on the essential principles of UX design, STM CODE craft interfaces that unite aesthetics and usability in the most engaging way.

We get growth with:

• Interaction design
• Brand application
• Web page designs

Web-based development

The best digital experiences deliver engagement through interactivity, so we encourage users to get hands-on.

We get growth with:

• Landing pages
• Interactive tools
• Web tools
• Microsites
• API development


Incorporating advanced search capabilities, sophisticated reporting and other AI-driven features to help every click add up to a sale.

We get growth with

• Site development
• Enhanced functionality
• Shipping solutions

Third-party integration

By connecting external platforms or third-party software into your site, we’ll introduce new features, enhance interactivity and reveal slick operational efficiencies.

We get growth with integration for:

• CRM, booking systems and accounting software
• Appointment booking
• Stock management

Email and marketing automation

We work with platforms such as HubSpot and Mailchimp to develop targeted campaigns that land at the ideal moment – because timing is everything in consumer inboxes.

We get growth with:

• Data modelling and management
• Flow and automation design
• Onboarding and development for automation platforms
• Copywriting, design and build
• Reporting and dashboard integration

Conversion rate optimisation

CRO is a constant cycle that exemplifies STM AGENCY’s commitment to perpetual thinking. By analysing data, highlighting digital pain points, drawing on user insights and more, we search for continuous improvements to enhance online experiences.

Latest STM CODE work

Aaron & Partners: Clicking the refresh button

After collaborating with solicitors Aaron & Partners on a company rebrand, we were tasked with creating a website that aligned with their new identity, too.

Epaderm: campaign success that’s more than skin-deep

Epaderm sought to reposition its brand with a core message that feeling confident in your own skin shouldn’t be a luxury, and that there’s no one-size-fits all approach to dry skin.

Technology & Partners

Our experts leverage the power of technology to amplify ideas, strategies and results.

Here are some of the partners the STM CODE team work with:



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