LinkedIn Lead Generation: the secret to business growth

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29 Apr 2024

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Over the past year, LinkedIn Lead Generation has been a game-changer for our clients at STM AGENCY. We've run more campaigns than ever before, and the results speak for themselves.

Focused on generating high-quality leads with a high relevancy and qualification score that our clients could nurture through their CRM systems, these campaigns have been instrumental in driving tangible business outcomes for our B2B clients. They’ve surpassed annual targets and significantly elevated the quality of leads entering the pipeline. 

Supported by CRO improvements, campaign activity has increased organic search visibility for our clients, and an insight-led content strategy means results are often on a positive trajectory after just a few months of investment.  Especially in niche industries with small prospect lists or sectors with minimal monthly Google searches, LinkedIn has filled a crucial gap where other channels simply couldn't deliver enough of these outcomes.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Take a look at some of our lead-gen results highlights:

•    During one campaign for a software client, we generated an average cost-per-lead (CPL) that was 33% below their target. What’s more? Their target CPL has only been achieved previously through real-life events.

•    The lowest CPL we’ve generated, this time for a fuel provider client, was just £6.88. These campaign leads then went on to have the highest email open rate the client has ever seen at 0.52%.

•    Our efforts for one client resulted in consistent lead generation for six months. Though we faced a temporary setback due to ad fatigue, we were able to make a remarkable comeback by optimising and creatively modifying our approach.

Our Lead-Gen game plan 

We use a three-pronged approach in our LinkedIn campaign strategy. Simple but effective, each one needs to be executed well for a campaign to be successful.

1. Producing insightful content

Whitepapers, guides and webinars are everywhere on LinkedIn. It’s a channel that people use to expand their knowledge and keep up to date in their sector. So, if we want to generate leads through content, what we are offering needs to be exceptional - it needs to go beyond a product guide or a 2023 checklist.

Some of the content we’ve produced has covered:

•    Overcoming regulations for medical devices in the face of Brexit
•    The complete guide to executing an effective omnichannel collections strategy
•    The future of education technology and what this means for schools

Ultimately, our high-standard approach means that we can produce technical content that offers a real value exchange, by-lined by an expert.

2. Creative that stands out

With attention spans declining and endless scrolling on the rise, it’s becoming harder to stop a user from ignoring your ad. We’ve created an internal best practice that brings our performance and creative teams together to ensure each ad is as effective as possible. 
Every element of a LinkedIn ad has been considered and optimised, but running multiple variants is key too. You wouldn’t believe some of the insights we’ve gathered by testing colourways, copy, CTAs, images and widget placements!

3. Data-driven strategy

Data-driven ABM strategies can result in huge opportunities for our clients, and we can deploy these strategies on LinkedIn. Feeding the channel with a brand’s GDPR-compliant data means we can utilise the channel’s machine learning to reach the right people, at the right time. This forms just one part of our in-depth LinkedIn audience strategy to reach customers and prospects seamlessly while they’re browsing. 

The targeting options available to us within the platform, such as demographics and work history, are unparalleled to any other social media channel - one of the reasons why we’ve experienced more and more of our clients adopting LinkedIn advertising.

Want to get started with LinkedIn Lead Generation?

If you think LinkedIn Lead Generation could be part of your growth strategy for the next 12 months, drop us a message. We’d love to explore which opportunities could be right for you.


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